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Where Are Our Voices in All This?

Yes, the Ministry appointee in the  Cowichan School District  assures us in almost every communication,our input is welcome even vital. He has -on behalf of the district -invited our insights and no one could be blamed for believing this might … Continue reading

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Excerpt from the Diary of a Mad Trustee dated December 1st 2010/ The Last Cut…the Last Closure

Obedience indeed is only the pitiful and cowardly egotism of him who thinks he can do something better than reason. -Percy Bysshe Shelley The last meeting of the calendar year and our senior staff decided to bravely go where all … Continue reading

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“Conceived and Ordered (Moved, Seconded, Carried and Minuted)”

Though it is unlikely – if you were granted the dubious joy of observing shit pass through the intestine of a goose you would be forgiven if you found it somewhat similar to watching the board meetings now – yes … Continue reading

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Excerpts From Exile

As we languish in our banishment as trustees, it remains for us to continue to work for the schools in any way we can by other means. I spent 7 years at the table and the one thing I did … Continue reading

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October 3rd Proconsul Meeting/ Cooling our Heels

Board meetings these days are held too early for most folks to attend but many of us struggle there anyway and the gallery is full of indignant camaraderie. If you are going to be indignant, it is best to do … Continue reading

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Policy Development and Our Community Voice

To reach Mike McKay ,Ministry Appointee in Cowichan with any concerns or comments email: officialtrustee@SD79.bc.ca   If you say the word ‘policy’ to most people and I was certainly one of them, you can cure insomnia in a flash but … Continue reading

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The ProConsul’s Plan or the People’s Plan…Let Cowichan Decide!!

We now have a plan for our schools. Brought to you by the ministry appointee who replaced the elected board after the trustees were fired for submitting a budget seeking to restore some of the programs and services our district had … Continue reading

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Are You Shocked?

Are we shocked?                          Well I said I was shocked when I spoke to a reporter from the Times- Colonist earlier this week regarding the amazing appearance of $300,000 in the Cowichan School District budget made public during the 1st and … Continue reading

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June 20th Our Last Meeting? It Might Be…

  June 20th 2012 was billed as the last regular meeting of our board. And, it might be. Like many things which slouch toward you over time, the grieving takes place well before the final curtain but at least in … Continue reading

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LET’S WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! Our ‘Made in Cowichan’ Budget is designed to fulfill the key aim of the District Strategic Plan—to improve learning conditions for all of our students. Over many years of district budget development, the … Continue reading

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