Policy Development and Our Community Voice

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If you say the word ‘policy’ to most people and I was certainly one of them, you can cure insomnia in a flash but as a school trustee, I learned very quickly policy creation, revision and improvement are the heartbeat of any elected body. For all those elected to care for our schools, policy rescues us from our prejudice, our self-interest and our lesser inclinations. Policy is exciting.

Over the years, Cowichan School District has nurtured a wide range of policies and by laws which help us govern and provide our community with a profound sense we can all expect equal process. Every child, parent, employee and community member stands in the shelter of these policies. Hand in hand with the School Act, civil and criminal legislation and collective agreements, the policies of an elected body – if followed – serve us equally.

In Cowichan, it has been the practice for trustees to develop and revise policy with our partners in the school system- our employees, our parents, our students and more recently aboriginal organisations – all under the wing of a Policy Committee which met monthly. This collaboration has been valuable – it allows our policies to reflect the diversity of interests, experience and knowledge we are lucky enough to enjoy in our valley.

Our trustees – I am one of them- are no longer at the table. We have been fired for simply attempting to appeal the allocation we received from our province as inadequate. Of course – the Ministry of Education has put their own man in place to sign off on the decisions now made by senior staff. You would think they would satisfy themselves with having free reign without the inconvenient interference of community but evidently, that is not sufficient.

It is the intention of the current unelected people to gerrymander our policy book. In order to appear to be doing this appropriately, they are set- on Oct 3rd-to pass amendments to ‘Policy 1500 – Policy Development’ which will place the authority for changing all district policy strictly in the hands of the ‘board’. In times past if a revision was to be made or deemed necessary it would be referred to our Policy Committee. The Policy Committee would consider the changes and seek further comment from community before making recommendations and sending them back to the trustees. Thus – by the time trustees saw the changes they could be assured the outcome had been the result of consultation.

The draft changes now being tendered by the senior staff include a provision which would allow modifications to be made to any policy without any public consultation (and it actually says this in so many words) as long as a two thirds majority of the board can be achieved to this end. These very changes had already been suggested by senior staff to previous boards who rejected them as undemocratic. Apparently, the efficiencies this course offered were not as enticing to those who were elected by the community as it now is to those who are not.

We will now witness unilateral changes to our precious policies and practices. A single unelected person who will have no trouble securing a two thirds majority of himself will transform policies created and honed over many years. How can anyone truly believe the changes the current unelected managers seek will improve on the views of those who are most effected by the codes the district has operated under?

However, there is still an opportunity – very generously, we have been allowed to comment on this harsh path and if you think you cannot entrust unfettered changes to our school closure, property disposal, delegation and committee membership policies among many others to people who will never face the citizens in an election – tell the Cowichan School District. And do it before September 26th.

It may be your last chance for some time to come.

Eden Haythornthwaite

Former Chair of the Cowichan School Board

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4 Responses to Policy Development and Our Community Voice

  1. Valerie Shave says:

    September 15/12

    Hi Eden, please see my letter to the editor, Citizen, re: p.4 NEWS article
    re: MLA/Routley.

    Valerie Shave

  2. paul cox says:

    Mrs Haythornthwaite,

    Your blog post and guest column in the paper makes for intereting reading.
    It struck me that when you look in the mirror, you must have difficulty identifying the faces staring back at you.

    Where to begin the comments on your diatribe…

    “In Cowichan, it has been the practice for trustees to develop and revise policy with our partners in the school system- our employees, our parents, our students and more recently aboriginal organisations – all under the wing of a Policy Committee… ”

    Funny to read this statement and compare it with your behavior while on the board of education. At what point did the trustees consult with parents and ask them if parents supported you submitting a deficit budget? I do not believe consultation was at the forefront of your mind the day those nonsensical questions from the Budget Campaign apparantly led to the conclusion that a deficit budget was desired by all the partners you mentioned. I certainly do not remember any question relating to the submitting of the budget – instead there was a kid in the candy shop approach – what would you like, rather than what do you think you can offord?

    “Our trustees – I am one of them- are no longer at the table.”

    You are not a trustee. You gave up the right to name yourself that when you choose to submit a deficit budget.

  3. paul cox says:

    hmmm … no comments being posted on this forum.
    dissenting opinion censored?
    feedback has to be favorable or it is scrubbed?

  4. eden says:

    It does sometimes seem there is little in the way of comment- less than I would like or wish. As for your charge of censorship this is not true. All comments regardless of their point of view are posted and approved. Sometimes I don’t make it back to the site to do this and if you were unhappy with the speed of this I can only say – I was busy in other realms of my life. I found your comments neither well founded or thoughtful but they appear anyway. As would anyone’s who wrote. Thanks for taking the time.

    “if not now…when?”

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