Welcome to our Readers

I hope you have enjoyed the last six years of my ‘Diary of a Mad Trustee’ – written quite faithfully after each and every open board meeting to inform and maybe even entertain. It really was my way of including more people in the complex world of public education governance. This is after all about the schools our children attend and the workplaces for many of you.

Things have changed a bit since the 2011 School Board Election and I find myself part of a hardworking board majority – incidently I am also chair.

It seems rationale to acknowledge the advance we have made by transforming the
previous ‘Diary of a Mad Trustee’ to something which can celebrate the work we
are doing at the table combined with our usual frustration with the lack of true commitment to our schools from Victoria. So – not a diary, not quite so mad (you will be the judge of that though).

This link will take you to my blog on the School District 79 (Cowichan) site entitled ‘Work of the Board / Notes from the Chair’. I will also post to the Notes from the Chair category on this site.

Of course, the diaries are still a source of information and are entirely searchable so here is the link to access those as well.

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